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Bexion Pharmaceuticals is developing innovative cures for cancer. Unlike any other potential drug known in development, BXQ-350 has an entirely new and novel mechanism of action. Studies strongly suggest that specific tumor targeting is the result of targeting phosphatidylserine patches that are characteristic of tumor cells and neovasculature; and that apoptosis results from activation of acid sphingomyelinase, subsequent generation of ceramide, and elevated levels of caspase [Qi et al. (2009) Clin Cancer Res 15(18):5840-5851; Grammatikos et al. (2007) Antioxidants & Redox Sign. 9:1449-1456].

Beyond intrinsic anti-tumor activity, our basic nanovesicle technology has very strong development potential as a diagnostic imaging reagent and tumor targeting drug delivery vehicle for siRNA and other antisense-based anti-cancer products.

BXQ-350 is a unique formulation of a synthetically produced, human lysosomal protein. BXQ-350 is a proprietary nanovesicle formulation of Saposin C (sphingolipid activator protein, or SapC, 80 aa) and the phospholipid dioleoylphosphatidylserine (DOPS).

We have already shown that BXQ-350 induces apoptosis in several glioma cell lines and rescued mice using an orthotopic glioma model. Upon repeated BXQ-350 injection in tumor-bearing mice, we have observed excellent response to treatment.

The primary indication for BXQ-350 is IV injection for the targeting and treatment of glioblastoma. We are continuing to explore other cancer indications.

About Us